Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Cow That Went OINK! Activity

*You are encouraged to get the books we read in class and read them at home. The library is a great place to get the books if you don't have them already! Please print off and do any home activities that are posted throughout the year. This is a great way to keep your child progressing on their goals! If you ever need a paper copy of the activities, just let me know and I will send one in your child's backpack. Another great way to use this page is to talk to your child about what we did in class. You can show them the pictures and ask them "tell me about..." to get some good language and descriptions. Give them support where needed so they always feel successful in their speech and language skills!*

In Class:
This week we are still working on the /k/ sound. We are reading The Cow That Went OINK!

During circle time, we are working on minimal pairs. This means that we are practicing sounds that are produced very similarly except for the place in the mouth. For example, the /k/ sound is in the back of the mouth while the /t/ sound is in the front of the mouth. Both are voiceless "stops", and the tongue is going up for each one. For the /k/ the back of the tongue goes up, and the /t/ the front of the tongue goes up. Many children at this age produce the /t/ instead of the /k/ sound. We are working on discriminating and producing the different sounds correctly. We do this by working on words like "car" and "tar" where the only difference is that initial sound. 

We are using the Lakeshore Learning sound bags during centers. Each bag is full of items that children have to find that start with each target sound. We will be focusing on the /k/ sound.

Home Activity:
Print these two pages. Glue a word to the back of each tail, have your child color the cards. To play, hide the tail cards all over the room. When your child finds one, they say the word on the back 5 times, then stick the tail on the cow. To make it more fun, you can blindfold your child so they have to "pin the tail on the cow"! After they find and "pin" all the words on the cow, take them down, and let your child hide the words for you to find. 

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