Friday, August 8, 2014

2014 - 2015 Therapy Schedule

Here is a copy of our schedule for the upcoming school year (this does not apply to my kiddos in the APPLE Program, yours will be different).

We are doing color bags again this year. Please try your best to send an object with your child to the school that matches the color on the bag. This activity is a great language activity in the classroom. Be sure to talk to your child about different colors and items that you find around your house as you are finding an item or two to bring in their bag. It is a great opportunity for you to facilitate language and model for your child!

This schedule may have to be slightly tweaked as the year goes on, because flexibility is key in preschool :) Also, even if the sound of the week is not specifically one of your child's target sounds, they will still benefit from our activities that day. They will receive exposure to many different sounds and letters which is very beneficial. We will also incorporate many language goals into all of our activities. Your child's specific speech and language goals from their IEP will be targeted during individual therapy with me each week.

I would encourage you to get the book we are reading from the library if you don't have it, and read it at home with your child too. Repetition is needed to foster language development! If you are unable to find our weekly books, just be sure to read to your child each day for at least 5 minutes.

You can save and/or print the schedule below, or pin it to Pinterest!

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