Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Head to Toe Activity

*You are encouraged to get the books we read and read them at home (the library is a great place!). Please print off and do any home activities that are posted throughout the year. This is a great way to keep your child progressing on their goals! If you ever need a paper copy of the activities sent home to you, just let me know and I can send one in your child's backpack. Another great way to use this page is to talk to your child about what they did in class. You can always show them these pictures and ask them "tell me about..." to get some good language and descriptions! Give them support where needed.*

This week we are reading From Head to Toe:

We are focusing on the /k/ sound as well as following one step directions. At circle time after reading our book and practicing the initial /k/ words, we played a game. Children took turns picking cards to see what action they got to do from the book. The whole class acted out each action and said "I can.. (kick my legs)"

During centers, children took turns working with me and discovering what was in our /k/ sensory bin! We practiced each target word at least 3 times.

Home Activity:
Cut out two copies of the dice page, so that you can have two dice. Print out the animals page and color them. Glue one animal on each square of the two dice. Assemble the dice by gluing or taping the tabs.

To play: Choose one of the dice and roll it on your turn. If you roll the penguin, say "I can (turn my head)" and do the action with your child. Make sure the child is saying their good /k/ sound! Take turns continuing play until you are ready to be done. Help your child say all of the words and not leave any out of their sentence.

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