Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goodnight Gorilla Activity

In Class:
This week we are working on the /g/ sound. We are reading Goodnight Gorilla!

After reading, we re-enacted the story with the children taking turns being different characters. They had to work on sequencing the story events and also re-told the story.

At centers, they got to find the keys that matched each gate and open them. There were animals inside to let out, just like in our story! Receptive and expressive language skills were targeted during this activity through answering questions, requesting and describing.

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We also read "My G Book" about Little G who finds things to put into her G sound box. We practiced each target word multiple times using our good /g/ sound. This book was great auditory bombardment, and the activity was excellent articulation drill and practice as we talked about all the things she found in the book.

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During centers we found items in our /g/ sensory bin and practiced each target word multiple times. We also used flashcards to target additional speech sounds.

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At Home:
We have two activities this week. For the first one, print off either the color or black and white version of the characters from the cards. Cut them out and glue them on popsicle sticks (if you wish). Use them as stick puppets to re-enact the story from Goodnight Gorilla. Make sure to say "Goodnight ______" on each page, using your good /g/ sound!

 For the memory game activity, print off two copies of each of the following two pages. Cut out the target words and gorillas into square cards. Glue the target words onto the back of the Gorillas, so you can see the gorillas on one side, and the target words on the others. You should have a set of cards that you can play a matching game with, or even Go Gorilla (Go Fish)!

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