Developmental Milestones

Here are some general guidelines as to what your child should be doing with his/her speech and language at each age. If you have concerns about if your child is developing their speech and language at an appropriate pace, please look into receiving an evaluation. Please see my Does My Child Need Speech Therapy? page for some tips as to where to start.

Below is a chart that I have compiled based off of my favorite norms and experience. The sounds are on the number corresponding to the age in which many children have mastered that sound. As always, this is just a guideline.

Another char that I like can be found below. Each solid bar indicates when children generally MASTER the specified sounds (mastery level is 90%). This chart depicts a range of development and should only be used as a general guide.

In the table below, the language concept/tasks are in the age range where children generally MASTER that particular target (mastery level is 90%). There is a lot of variation from child to child and this table should only be used as a general guide.