Monday, February 28, 2011

Go Away Big Green Monster

Build a monster, just like the one we read about! Here are the pages to print off. There is an example of what the monster should look like in the corner of the page with the body/face.

You and your child can take turns hiding the monster and letting the other person find it. When you find it, say "Go away big green monster!" and then the person who found it will hide it again. While you're playing, you can talk about the monster's body parts and colors (ex. "look at his yellow eyes! What color are his eyes??").

For older kids (or for more of a challenge), print off 2 copies of a page from my blog with words that have your child's target sound. Play a matching game and when you find a match that means its your turn to hide the monster for the other person to find. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

March Speech Homework Calendar

This is fairly similar to last month's calendar, but repetition is good! Always feel free to add your own activities or find new ones on the blog. Thanks for all you do!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cows Can't Fly Activity

Activity 1: Make a paper bag cow- glue the head to one side and tail to the other so that it can stand up. Cut out all the words on the next two pages. Practice saying each word with your child with their good /k, g/ and /t, d/ sounds at the beginning of the word. If you say the first sound at the front of your mouth (/t, d/) then put the word in front of the cow. If you say the first sound at the back of your mouth (/k, g/) then put the word in back of the cow. If this is too difficult, just have them say the word with their good sound and put it in the bag.

Activity 2: Print the last two pages (the cow, and the tails and words). Glue a word to the back of each tail, and have your child color the cards. To play, hide the tails all over the room. When your child finds one, have them say the word on the back, and then stick the tail on the cow! You can blindfold to make it more silly :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fat Cat Activity

Print off the cat and make it into a headband (see example in corner) using construction paper and staples. Have your child (and you!) wear the cat head band- there are two options for activities:

1. Play musical chairs. When the music stops, sit down. Have a word on the chair, and say "What did Fat Cat sit on? (read word)" Have your child practice saying at least the word, or even the whole question too!

2. Just place the pictures around the room, run around and sit on them, and repeat "What did Fat Cat sit on? (read word)"

Have fun! Tip: if you can print on construction paper or card stock it will be sturdier. Or you can glue the printer paper onto heavier paper before cutting out.


Monday, February 7, 2011

What Color Is Your Underwear Activity

Make a flap book! Cut the four pages apart (first picture) and then attach (staple/glue/tape) the appropriate flap to each animal (see example). We printed on colored construction paper, but you can just have your child color each flap. Staple pages together. Have your child color some underwear on each animal, so when you are reading your book you can open the flap and see what  color they are wearing! Good practice for asking/answering questions, and learning colors.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Speech Homework Calendar

Chocolatina Activity

Print off two copies of the candy page, and one of the words. Cut out the words and glue them onto the back of the candies. Color the candies. This will make a matching game that you can play while practicing your words! When you get a match, say the word 5 times. Make sure your child uses their good "train sound" when practicing their words. If they have no difficulty saying the words, have them make up a story/sentence about each word when they get a match.


L blend words

R blend words

T initial words

D initial words

J initial words

H initial words

M initial words

P initial words

N initial words

Y initial words

B initial words

Z initial words