Monday, April 25, 2011

Farmer Ham Activity

Make a crow puppet to eat some corn! You'll need a brown paper bag in addition to these paper templates. You will need two wings, I attached a two wing template in case that is easier for you to use. Assemble the crow- you can put a slit under the bag's flap (in the crow's mouth) so it can actually eat the whole ear of corn. Color the beak, feet, etc. Glue an /f/ word on each ear of corn and practice them  as you feed your crow! You may need to print the words a little smaller (maybe half size) so they fit on the corn better.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Animal Strike at the Zoo Activity

We are making keys so your child can be a "zookeeper" just like the one we read about in our book. Have your child color these keys and cut them out. Punch holes the top and put on a key ring or tie with yarn or string. Help your child practice their words while they play with their keys! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Daddy Snores Activity

Color and cut out all pictures. Have your child close their eyes (or leave the room if necessary!). Put an /sn/ word under/behind each of the 7 place pictures, and hide them around the room (or on the table if you want, place picture face up). Choose one to hide a mommy behind. Have your child open their eyes and try to guess which one the mommy is "sleeping in." They can use a flashlight to shine it on the picture to make it more fun, and say "Is mommy sleeping in the bed?" and then flip it over. Say the /sn/ word underneath. If mommy is there, then your child gets to hide mommy while you close your eyes and then you get a turn to guess. If the mommy is not there, your child gets to keep guessing until they get it.