Baby 3 Class

May 6th homework "The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear"

Print off and play Big & Little Bingo to work on size concepts!

May 13th homework "Hi, Pizza Man!":
We are having a pizza party for our last day of class. No homework today.

April 1st homework "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?":
Instructions on Take Home pages in your child's folder.

April 8th homework "Giant Jam Sandwich":
Instructions on Take Home pages in your child's folder.

April 16th :SPRING BREAK no class
No class today, but choose an activity from previous weeks (or a new one from the blog) and do it with your child.

April 22nd homework "My Daddy Snores":
Color and cut out all pictures. Have your child close their eyes (or leave the room if necessary!). Put an /sn/ word under/behind each of the 7 place pictures, and hide them around the room (or on the table if you want, place picture face up). Choose one to hide a mommy behind. Have your child open their eyes and try to guess which one the mommy is "sleeping in." They can use a flashlight to shine it on the picture to make it more fun, and say "Is mommy sleeping in the bed?" and then flip it over. Say the /sn/ word underneath. If mommy is there, then your child gets to hide mommy while you close your eyes and then you get a turn to guess. If the mommy is not there, your child gets to keep guessing until they get it. 


March 4th homework "Cock-A-Moo-Moo":
Print off two sets of the following page, to make a matching game. Glue the pictures on to the red die that was sent home in class, and glue the tabs of the die to complete it. When you or your child get a match, say the word 3 times with a good /k/ sound. Then roll the animal die. If it lands on a sheep, say "cock-a-baa-baa" or the dog "cock-a-woof-woof" etc. Help your child say all their speech sounds, especially the /k/ sound. Also try to help them say all 4 syllables.

March 11th homework "My Truck is Stuck":
Your child will bring home a road and some trucks. We will color them in class if we have time, if not they can color at home. Cut slits in the roadway with a straightedge blade so that the trucks can stick in them. Have your child say "my truck is stuck!" Make sure they use their good /k/ sound at the end of the words.

March 18th homework No Class:
No class today, but choose an activity from previous weeks (or a new one from the blog) and do it with your child.

March 25th homework "Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea?":
Your child will bring home a book of sea animals that we talked about in our class. They can color the pictures. Help them to learn all the animal's names and to say them with their good speech sound. Make sure they are at least saying the first and last sound.


February 4th homework "Who's Making That Smell?":
Your child will bring home a paper elephant that they can stick their finger through to use as the trunk. The will also bring home some scratch and sniff stickers. Have them smell the stickers and other objects around the house with their elephant's trunk/their index finger (and their own nose too!) and say if it smells good or smells bad. You can work on them saying the /s/ sound correctly in "smell" or focus on the "good" and "bad" words, having them say all the sounds correctly in those words. They can even ask questions like "Who's making that smell?" or "What's making that smell?"

February 11th homework "What Will Fat Cat Sit On?":
Your child will bring home a cat headband. Cut out the pictures that were sent home. Have your child wear their headband around and sit on the pictures (you can hide them, play musical chairs, etc). When they sit on one, say "Fat Cat Sat on (insert word)!" If they can't say the whole phrase, get them to at least say the word. Try to get them to say that /t/ at the end of the word!

February 18th homework "Cows Can't Fly":
Your child will bring home a paper bag cow that can stand up on his own. There will be a lot of words in the bag, beginning with /t, d, k, g/. Choose a picture, and if we make the sound in the front of our mouth /t, d/ then put it in the front of the cow. If we make it in the back of our mouth /k, g/, then put it behind/in back of the cow. Help them to get proper productions of the /t, d, k, g/ sounds. If it is too hard to differentiate front/back of our mouth, just work on having them say the words and then put the picture in the bag.

February 25th homework "Go Away Big Green Monster":
Your child will bring home a monster that we made during centers. You and your child can take turns hiding the monster and letting the other person find it. When you find it, say "Go away big green monster!" and then the person who found it will hide it again. While you're playing, you can talk about the monster's body parts and colors (ex. "look at his yellow eyes! What color are his eyes??").

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