Sound Production Tips

In the chart below, each solid bar indicates when children generally MASTER the specified sounds (mastery level is 90%). This chart depicts a range of development and should only be used as a general guide.

Here are some tips to help you work with your child at home! I posted the sounds that most of my speech kiddos are working on right now. Use a mirror if your child has difficulty producing the sound correctly.

Additional verbal cues I like to use:

/s,z/ - make sure the tiger stays in the cage! Don't let the tongue stick outside, keep it behind the front teeth.

/th/ - bite your tongue with your teeth- make sure your tongue sticks out. Don't bite your lip though!

/sh/ - almost like the /s/ sound, but your tongue should be back a little farther. Round your lips like a fish!

/k, g/ - hold your tongue tip down so only the back of your tongue goes up for this sound.

/l/ - make sure your tongue gets up to "the spot" behind your top front teeth! SMILE! Don't round your lips.

/f/ - bite your lip with your top teeth and blow air out.

/ch/ - train sound. Almost like /sh/ and /t/ sounds combined, make sure there is a burst of air.

/r/ - get your tongue: up, back, tight. It is almost where we say /k, g/. If its hard, try slow syllables like "greee".