Friday, March 27, 2015

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea!

In Class:
This week we read Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea!

We played in the "ocean" to see what we could find in the deep blue sea!
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Displaying IMG_7958.JPG

At Home:
Make an ocean of your own! Water, blue food coloring, and a little soap if you want some bubbles. Have your child help you find things to put in the sea. As you play, help them with their language skills. If they are at the labeling stage, have them label items they pull up. Sentences stage, have them say a sentence such as "I found a ____ in the sea!" To make this an articulation activity, have your child find things in the house that start with their speech sounds. Put them in the ocean and when you pull them up have them say each word 5 times. To make it a sentence level artic activity, add a carrier phrase like "I found a ____ swimming in the sea!"

Friday, March 13, 2015


In Class:
This week we read Flotsam!

This is an awesome wordless book and I got so much language out of the kids. We talked about each page and how you don't need words to read a story. They helped me tell the story by looking at the pictures. We talked about what we would take a picture of if we found the camera from the story.

In APPLE class, Miss Marcia brought us the supplies to make these awesome cupcake octopuses!
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Home Activity:
Help your child use your phone or camera to take some pictures. Have them use their good language to describe what they captured in each photo. You can also use this as an articulation activity. Have your child take pictures of things that begin with their speech sound, then as you look through the pictures, have them say each word 5 times!

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Pout Pout Fish

In Class:
This week in class we read The Pout Pout Fish!

We practiced two sounds this week- initial P and final SH. This book is great for choral reading so the kids helped me read it and we got lots of practice with our sounds!

We played Let's Go Fishing during centers to get more individual speech time. It was a huge hit, and we've got some great fishermen in our classes!

Home Activity:
Print off the following page on cardstock if possible. You have a few options here! Do one, or all of them!

1. Print 2 copies, and cut out the fish and play matching or Go Fish.
2. Print 1 copy, cut out, and hide the fish around the room, Take turns finding the fish and practicing the word as you find them.
3. Print 1 copy, cut out, and attach a paper clip to the front of each fish. Use a magnet at the end of a pole as a fishing rod and once you catch a fish, practice the word!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Green Color Bags!

Please help your child find one or two things around your home that are GREEN that they can put in their bag and bring to school by March 10. 

Here is the song we are learning in class and practicing each week for the month of March: