Monday, January 31, 2011

S blend words

P vs B

R initial words

V initial words

S initial words

TH initial words

SH initial words

L initial words

K initial words

G initial words

F initial words

CH initial words

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Language BINGO

Print out both BINGO boards- one for you and one for your child. Cut up the description cards. Draw one and read it to your child. Have them put a penny/cheerio/etc. on the picture that the card is describing. 

-ING verbs


Animals - categories

Sequencing - Taking a Bath

Sequencing - Using a Telephone


First, Second, Last, etc.

Hot vs. Cold

Circle the things that are hot, color the things that are cold.

More or Less

Fast vs. Slow

W initial words

Make two sets and play a matching game, or Go Fish!

3 in 1 game, initial T

ST blends words and sentences

SP blends

Yesssssss blends!

Print out two copies and play a matching game. Make sure your child uses their good snake sound (tongue behind front teeth, or "tiger in the cage").

Find the Farm - initial F

Initial F words and sentences

Final F words

Colors and Shapes

Pig Pile - Initial F

Category Exclusion