Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Dog, Little Dog

In Class:
This week in class we are discussing the /f/ sound, as well as opposites!!! We read Fred and Ted: Big Dog, Little Dog:

This book is so cute, and kids love the characters. It is a simple plot and a great way to learn opposites! Fred is BIG, Ted is small. Fred always has money, Ted never has money. Fred drives slow, Ted drives fast! The end has a fun solution to a problem, and the kids enjoyed that part the most, they said.

Home Activity:
Make up silly stories about Fred using these initial f words. For example, "Fred ate four fish" or "Fred sat on a fan"! The sillier the better. Help your child say their /f/ sound by cueing them to make the "fan sound" or to "bite your lip". Sometimes a mirror can help with placement if they are not getting it. If sentences are too hard, just practice each word individually. Write down a few of your stories and send them in to me (or comment below!) so I can see what you thought of! Have fun!

Friday, January 23, 2015

That's Good, That's Bad!

In Class:
This week in class we read That's Good, That's Bad!

We practiced the initial z sound and talked about what has happened when we have gone to the zoo!

In Apple class, Miss Marcia brought the cutest snacks. We made lions to eat!

Home Activity:
Find which words have the "good" or "bad" /s/ sound. In each box, one word is an s blend word, and the other is not. You can have your child circle the "good" s sound word, and then practice saying each word 10 times. Also, do this multiple times throughout the next week to get maximum practice! Use the words to make stories as well and make sure your kiddos use all their good snake sounds.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Animal Strike at the Zoo!

In Class:
This week in class we read Animal Strike at the Zoo! We focused on the /z/ sound.
We sang Old MacDonald Had A Zoo and talked about what we have seen at the zoo. Some children claimed to have seen some interesting things at the zoo.. but it kept class fun and exciting!

In the APPLE class, Miss Marcia helped us make a zoo snack! We got to pick what animal to put into our "cages" and then eat it all up :)
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Home Activity:
Print off your keys. Color and cut them out. You can print them on cardstock to make them sturdy, and then put a hole in the top of each one and put it on a key ring or tie with string. As your child uses their keys like the zookeepers do, they can practice each initial /z/ word!

Friday, January 9, 2015

A Very Special Snowflake

In Class:
This week in class we read A Very Special Snowflake and practiced our /s/ blend words (s + another consonant like SNow SPoon SWing, etc)! Snowflake is hiding on different pages throughout the book, so we found where she was and described her using our best language and articulation skills!

We sang Little Snowflake by Super Simple Learning and had our snowflakes land on our heads, noses, and hands. 

For Snack in APPLE, we made snowflakes using marshmallows and stick pretzels! During centers we worked on individual language and speech sounds 

Home Activity:
Print (preferably on cardstock) and cut these s blend word cards out. You can choose black and white or color. Play Memory or Go Fish! When you get a match, say the word 5 times with your good /s/ blends!

White Color Bags!

You will be receiving this month's color bags in your child's backpack shortly. Please help your child find one or two things around your home that are WHITE that they can put in their bag and bring to school by January 13. 

 Here is the song we are learning in class and practicing each week for the month of January: