Kids Say...

A collection of funny/cute things kids have said during speech therapy.

PreS boy: What happened to your voice?
Me: I lost it.
PreS boy: Did you lose your brain too???

Me: What are you thankful for?
PreS boy: I'm thankful to not be talking to you!

Me: oh doctor, I think I'm sick!
PreS boy: let me listen to your heart. Quack quack! There's a duck in there!!!

Me: Its time to be quiet. Everybody put a bubble in their mouth!
PreS boy: My bubble keeps popping!!!

K girl: I told her "I like your mickey mouse crocs!" "Thanks. My mom borrowed them from Disney Land a long time ago!"

Third grade boy: "I like your amber gemstone and silver ring! Is that amethyst too?"

PreS boy: "Listen to this monster- when you press him he makes the snake sound!"

PreS girl: "Maybe I could get you a real pig, Miss Cole. Maybe. Or... maybe you should just ask Santa!"

Paraphrased from another clinician, who was working with a boy on social skills: Clinician "If you got a pair of very ugly pajama pants for Christmas, what would you say when you opened them up?" Boy "I hate these. Maybe next time you could get me something I like!" Clinician "If your friends voice was changing, what could you say to your friend?" Boy "Umm, maybe you should just not talk for awhile!"

One PreS girl told her mom: "Miss Nicole is going to get me a kitty for Christmas!!!" I had no idea that's what we were talking about during our speech lesson that day...

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