Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big Dog, Little Dog

In Class:
This week in class we are discussing the /f/ sound, as well as opposites!!! We read Fred and Ted: Big Dog, Little Dog:

This book is so cute, and kids love the characters. It is a simple plot and a great way to learn opposites! Fred is BIG, Ted is small. Fred always has money, Ted never has money. Fred drives slow, Ted drives fast! The end has a fun solution to a problem, and the kids enjoyed that part the most, they said.

Home Activity:
Make up silly stories about Fred using these initial f words. For example, "Fred ate four fish" or "Fred sat on a fan"! The sillier the better. Help your child say their /f/ sound by cueing them to make the "fan sound" or to "bite your lip". Sometimes a mirror can help with placement if they are not getting it. If sentences are too hard, just practice each word individually. Write down a few of your stories and send them in to me (or comment below!) so I can see what you thought of! Have fun!

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