Friday, January 9, 2015

A Very Special Snowflake

In Class:
This week in class we read A Very Special Snowflake and practiced our /s/ blend words (s + another consonant like SNow SPoon SWing, etc)! Snowflake is hiding on different pages throughout the book, so we found where she was and described her using our best language and articulation skills!

We sang Little Snowflake by Super Simple Learning and had our snowflakes land on our heads, noses, and hands. 

For Snack in APPLE, we made snowflakes using marshmallows and stick pretzels! During centers we worked on individual language and speech sounds 

Home Activity:
Print (preferably on cardstock) and cut these s blend word cards out. You can choose black and white or color. Play Memory or Go Fish! When you get a match, say the word 5 times with your good /s/ blends!


  1. Hi Miss Nicole!
    That sounds like a really fun lesson. We hope you enjoyed singing the Little Snowflake song. Your snowflake snacks sound delicious!! Do you have any snow where you live?
    Super Simple Learning

  2. Hi Sara,

    I was surprised to see how quickly you found my post! I am a speech pathologist in Phoenix, so we do not have any snow. But we talk about it a lot to help our kids understand what it is :)

    1. We don't get much snow up here in Seattle either, but plenty of rain. No matter where you live, snow is a magical thing. We love snow, snowflakes, and snowmen. :) Wishing you and your students a Happy New Year!