Friday, January 16, 2015

Animal Strike at the Zoo!

In Class:
This week in class we read Animal Strike at the Zoo! We focused on the /z/ sound.
We sang Old MacDonald Had A Zoo and talked about what we have seen at the zoo. Some children claimed to have seen some interesting things at the zoo.. but it kept class fun and exciting!

In the APPLE class, Miss Marcia helped us make a zoo snack! We got to pick what animal to put into our "cages" and then eat it all up :)
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Home Activity:
Print off your keys. Color and cut them out. You can print them on cardstock to make them sturdy, and then put a hole in the top of each one and put it on a key ring or tie with string. As your child uses their keys like the zookeepers do, they can practice each initial /z/ word!

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