Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skeleton Hiccups

In Class
In class this week we read Skeleton Hiccups and focused on the /h/ sound!

The kids thought this book was hilarious and we talked about how the hiccups can make so many things hard for us to do. Some kids said they LOVE having hiccups, while others (like myself) find it quite bothersome :)

In the APPLE class, Miss Marcia provided us with materials to make these delicious skeletons!
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Home Activity:
Print off the following skull page (if its not here yet, come back later today and I'll have it loaded!) and target word page. Cut out the skull and tape/glue/staple it to a piece of construction paper or cardstock. Try to make the top of the head "bubble up" a little, and leave it unglued at the very top (see example below). You can have your child practice target words and once they have said them, store them inside the skull! Make sure they get their good /h/ sound!

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Here is a cute reading of the book for your enjoyment!

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