Friday, October 3, 2014

Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up Her Wash

In Class:
This week we focused on the /sh/ or "quiet" sound, and we read the book:

At centers, Miss Emily made a fun activity where children hung items on a clothesline, just like in our story. We did Question of the Day and each child got to say "yes" or "no" if they use a clothesline at their house to dry their clothes. We discussed what things you are supposed to hang on a clothesline, as well as things that don't belong on a clothesline. Mrs. McNosh put some silly things on her clothesline, so we took turns talking about what we thought was the silliest thing she hung!

Home Activity:
Print off Mrs. McNosh. Attach a string or yarn across the top of the page by taping or stapling it to each side, so that it looks like Mrs. McNosh is hanging things up on the line. Print off the page of items to "hang on the line". You can hang them with clothespins or paperclips. Have your child say whether it belongs on a clothesline or not. If you want to turn it into a speech sound activity, print off the "sh" words and glue them on the back of the clothes/items. When they hang one up, have them practice the "sh" word on the back.

Hang these items if they belong on a clothesline:
 Glue/tape these target words to the back and practice them with your good quiet sound!

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