Friday, October 17, 2014

Go Away Big Green Monster

In Class:
This week in class we read the book Go Away Big Green Monster!!

After reading the book, we also did a fingerplay/puppet where we did the whole story by putting all the pieces on and taking them off. The kids were good at remembering what came next and great at using the /g/ sound on all the "go away" parts!
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Everyone got a chance to put up there name on the Question of the Day board. Each class was about half and half- some were scared of the Big Green Monster and others knew he was just some "Spooky Fun" :)
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In APPLE class, we also made our own Green Monsters to eat. As we ate the parts, we said for example, "Go Away, (ears)" and ate the ears. We enjoyed our yummy treats! Thank you Miss Marcia!

Home Activity:
Make a puppet with this template and a paper lunch bag. Have your child color the monster however they like. You can have your monster eat the target word cards. Or you can hide your monster and then when someone finds it you can tell him to GO AWAY, and have someone else hide and find him. 
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There is a cute animation/song of the book here:

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