Friday, April 24, 2015

Mike and the Bike

In Class:
This week in class we read:

We targeted final /k/ again. This book also has a lot of rhyming in it. We used this opportunity to talk about bike safety as well. If your kids came home telling you "$17 at Walmart!" that's because I told them that I bought my son a helmet at Walmart for that price.

Home Activity:
Print this page and cut out the pictures. Glue the target words (sock, cake, rake, book, lock, fork) to the back of the bike cards. Lay the cards with the bike face up to make a matching game. Choose two cards per turn. If you don't get a match, say each target word 3 times. If you get a match, say the match target word 10 times!! Make sure to remind your kiddos to get their tongue back and make a good /k/ sound.

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