Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Will Fat Cat Sit On? Activity

*You are encouraged to get the books we read in class and read them at home. The library is a great place to get the books if you don't have them already! Please print off and do any home activities that are posted throughout the year. This is a great way to keep your child progressing on their goals! If you ever need a paper copy of the activities, just let me know and I will send one in your child's backpack. Another great way to use this page is to talk to your child about what we did in class. You can show them the pictures and ask them "tell me about..." to get some good language and descriptions. Give them support where needed so they always feel successful in their speech and language skills!*

In Class:
This week we are reading the book What Will Fat Cat Sit On?
We are focusing on the /f/ sound (or the fan sound as we call it). I cue them to bite their lip and blow air out like a fan. Children get a turn to be Fat Cat and sit on target words, and then everybody practices each word. 

We are also doing an /f/ treasure box. Each child gets a turn to pick an item and see what they can find that starts with /f/!

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This week we are doing a Matt and Molly story about a Hungry Cat. Ask your kids what the cat liked to eat. Pizza? A bone? Tuna fish? Children take turns acting out our Matt and Molly stories with props. 

Home Activity:
Make your own Fat Cat headband! Print the cat out (on cardstock if you have it), and cut two strips to go around to make the headband (see below). Have your child color the cat before you assemble it. 

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Print out these target word cards with initial f words (or use any that you may have from a previous activity!) and place them face down around the room. Play some music, and when the music stops, have Fat Cat (your child) sit on a target word. Ask "What did Fat Cat sit on??" and have your child look at the card and answer using their good speech sounds. You can take turns being Fat Cat. You could also make multiple Fat Cat headbands and have a few people play at one time, kind of like musical chairs. 

Make this cat puppet! Color the cat, cut out, and glue onto a lunch sack. Fat Cat can eat things- either the target words (practice saying them as you feed them to the cat!) or you can find things around your house to eat (practice saying them too!).

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