Friday, September 19, 2014

What Color is Your Underwear?

Sorry this one is a little late getting up on the blog. Enjoy!

In Class:
This week we read the book What Color is Your Underwear? We had lots of giggles and awkward stares while reading our book and doing our silly activities.

As part of circle time, we each got to take turns wearing silly underwear (don't worry it was all brand new!) over our clothes while we practiced /w/ words. Here is a picture of me, as the kids explain to me that my underwear isn't supposed to be on top of my pants! I also had one child tell me "I no want to see that!" while shaking his finger at me. It was one of the best language activities we have done all year.
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Miss Emily made an awesome activity that targeted story recall, sequencing and answering questions. Children took turns in small group recalling the order that the animals came in and what color their underwear was.

Home Activity:
You may need to save this "photo" of the description so you can enlarge it to read the instructions.
Here are the templates (you will need to save to your computer and print both documents as a full page):

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