Friday, July 11, 2014

City Tour - Summer Language Activities

My friend Annie (check out her amazing blog here!) does fun themed weeks with her kids to help keep them busy and engaged during the summer. I have started doing them with my son and it has been a huge success! He has learned so much from each unit and I realized it has been an incredible time of language growth for him. So, what better thing to do than pass that along to all my speech kiddo's parents, and anyone else that could benefit?? It has been a fun time to bond with my son as well, and I have really enjoyed all the activities- probably more than my son has. :) Our outings have been what we have locally in Glendale/Phoenix. It may be too far for some of you to see the same things we did. But use these posts as a template and research your own places to see in your town. Pinterest is also a great place to find additional crafts, songs, activities, food, you name it! Add to my themes to make them fit your children's interests and needs. Make up your own themes. The opportunities are endless! I want to take this opportunity to thank Annie for introducing me to this whole concept, and seriously, check out her blog. She is amazing!

"City Tour 2014"

The first theme my friend always does is a "City Tour." There are so many places to explore in our town, many we don't even know exist even though we pass by them all the time. Take the time to explore your city- this was a fun filled day and completely free (except for the treat at the end)!!! Here is what we did:

My son used this checklist to check off each place after we visited.

Fire station- check!

1. Historic Glendale Fire Station 157
It was need to see a fire station with the old fashioned huge glass doors. We could see a fire truck inside but there wasn't much activity other than that. Many fire stations will let you schedule a free tour, so that is always something to look into if you're interested! We took a good look at the cool relief statue out front of the fire station. 

The fountains weren't on, which was a bummer, but this is a really cool spot to visit! 

3. "Old Friends" Statue in Glendale City Center
My son talked about this statue for days afterwards. It seems so simple, but it is fun to appreciate art and it leaves an impression on our kiddos!!

4. Mosaic Walk 
This was a really fun walk for us! It has 59 images imbedded in the sidewalk. My son loved discovering the pictures and describing what was in them. What a great language opportunity!

5. Pratts Pet Store
What a fun pet store!! Lots of reptiles, birds, chicks, and rodents. There are goats and pigs out back, depending on the time of year I'm told. We had a blast!

The "parrot" was his favorite

6. La Purisima Bakery 
We tried out this amazing Mexican bakery. Their burritos, dessert flautas and warm tortillas are to die for!
Too busy chewing to smile

What are you waiting for?? Go check out local businesses and sites in your town. There is so much to discover!

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