Monday, April 4, 2011

My Daddy Snores Activity

Color and cut out all pictures. Have your child close their eyes (or leave the room if necessary!). Put an /sn/ word under/behind each of the 7 place pictures, and hide them around the room (or on the table if you want, place picture face up). Choose one to hide a mommy behind. Have your child open their eyes and try to guess which one the mommy is "sleeping in." They can use a flashlight to shine it on the picture to make it more fun, and say "Is mommy sleeping in the bed?" and then flip it over. Say the /sn/ word underneath. If mommy is there, then your child gets to hide mommy while you close your eyes and then you get a turn to guess. If the mommy is not there, your child gets to keep guessing until they get it. 

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